What to expect from Brado.

With the background we have in the commercial world, as well as our experience in residential construction we bring a number of advantages to your project.

Safety takes priority.

We’re trained to be very safety conscious. This means we typically keep a neat and orderly worksite. This keeps your home safe for our team as well as your family.

Fast, efficient and task oriented.

We come from a very demanding world where deadlines not met cost big dollars. We are used to being very focused and efficient. This will ensure your job is done right and in an expedient time frame.

Quick problem solving.

Especially with home renovation, there are often additional issues that arise as we tackle a project. We are used to dealing with unforeseen issues, or quickly providing you with solutions, recommendations and costs to consider.

We know regulatory codes.

We have an extensive knowledge of regulatory codes. Unfortunately there are some in our world who can swing a hammer very well. They can get the job done cheaply but it doesn’t mean it may pass inspection or adhere to regulated building codes. The solutions we recommend are safe, industry standard and designed to be a long lasting solution.